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Titiana Awakens To Bottom...Midsummer Night's Dream 2012 Puck and Helena...Midsummer Night's Dream 2012 Titiana Dreams...Midsummer Night's Dream 2012 Sailing To Prospero's Isle On The Sands With Printless Foot
Detail of "Ariel-Prospero-Caliban" Ariel-Prospero-Caliban 50"X42" Lear With Edgar and the Fool (50"x42" oil on linen) 2011 King Lear And Fool  (50"x42"oil on linen) 2011 The Madness Of Ophelia (50"x42" oil on linen) 2011
On The Isle Of Prospero (38"x36" oil on linen) 2011 Hamlet's Father's Ghost (50"x42" oil on linen) 2011