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portrait of my brother, Edward striding nude--interwoven chalk and charcoal---1986 walking woman--interwoven chalk and charcoal---1986 Henry, Stephen and Tony-oil study---2001 study for "Herm of The Poet"
Walking Figure- interwoven- 1990 Stephen Curtis in Military Jacket- charcoal and chalk-1983 Stephen Curtis- pastel - 1979 Standing Figure 3---3d-charcoal and chalk-1988 Standing-figure2---3d charcoal and chalk-1988
Standing Figure1- 3d interwoven, chalk, colored papers-1988 Spring Comes In Like A Clown- pastel-1982 sitting-egyptian-girl-chalk - 1992 Sleeping Nude- interwoven drawing...1986 Self-portrait with Silenus -1981(?)
Self-portrait with reclining figure-interwoven-1986 Self-Portrait with Antonio- interwoven-1986 Self-Portrait With Elizabeth-interwoven-1990 Seated Starlet- interwoven-chalk and pencil-1988 Seated Figure- interwoven-chalk and pencil-1988
Artist Stephen W. Curtis- charcoal- 1981 Russell- charcoal- 1981 Rebirth..... charcoal interwoven- 1992 Self-Portrait-Interwoven oil painting-2001 My Grandmother at 100- red lead- late 1980's