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Water Bearers in the Woods 6'X5' Roosterboy Tormented by Woodland Dieties (48"x38" oil on linen) 1998-2005 The Destruction of Classicism Artist, Student and Model
Primavera The Blind Fisherman The Mural Painter Sylvan Encounter (70's) Allegory of the Artist
Three Graces The White Clown The Storyteller Rupturing Poussin Monsieur So and So Visits The Studio Of A Great Artist
In The Home Of The Magician Greed Receiving The Head Of Pierrot Clown Meets the Gods Clown Spends A Happy Weekend With Bacchus American Vaudeville
Muse Becomes Poet Hour Of The Goat Carnival of Chaos Apotheosis of Punchinello Apotheosis of an American Prom Queen