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portrait of my brother, Edward Poet Antonio Giarraputo with Leopardi's death mask (2006) Stephen Curtis in Military Jacket- charcoal and chalk-1983
Stephen Curtis- pastel - 1979 My Grandmother at 100- red lead- late 1980's Konrad Oberhuber- charcoal- l986 or 87 James Plaut- charcoal on toned paper- 1982 James Buggie- pencil- 1975
Hadley and Zoe - chalk on toned paper- 1982 Elizabeth 1- interwoven charcoal- 1990 C. Edmund Sullivan--pastel--circa early '80's Edmund and Me-interwoven oil paintings- 2001 Charlie my Tobacconist- charcoal...interwoven-1986
Bust of Elizabeth-charcoal interwoven paper...1990 Matthew Herman Melville Ophelia Cezanne
Dr. Edward Merrick, my first patron Renoir And Monet In Search of A Motif Renoir Un Nido Di Memorie